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5 Great Tips to Get Healthy Hair the Natural Way from Home

5 Great Tips to Get Healthy Hair the Natural Way from Home

Healthy & shiny hair is almost everyone’s dream. We all want our hair to be in great shape and health and for that, we try every method that we hear and read to maintain it. Some of us use a lot of expensive hair products and some lookout for quick remedies that can give a healthy shine to the hair.

All you need to do use natural hair care tips and remedies. You can also go the Ayurvedic way to keep your hair healthy.

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In this blog, we share a few healthy hair habits that you should practice. This will ultimately help you reach your goal of having healthy hair.

Five great tips to get healthy hair

Keep your hair and scalp clean: You should always keep your hair and scalp clean so that itching of the scalp and clogged hair follicles can be avoided. Try cleansing with a gentle herbal shampoo. We recommend Kesha Shudhi Shampoo, which controls hair fall and is good for dandruff treatment. Clean your hair with shampoo only twice a week, as excessive use of shampoo, especially one with lot of chemicals can often lead to damaged hair and dry scalp. Try using lukewarm water to wash your hair. Rather than blow-drying your hair, it is better if you let your hair dry naturally.

Handle your hair with care

Finally, you should know how to handle your hair with a lot of care. Always use a brush that has got wide bristles to comb your hair. Don’t comb your hair when it is wet as hair strands are very weak as compared to dry hair. You also should also brush your hair daily with care. You should also oil your hair regularly. Oil nourishes your scalp. We recommend the Bringaraju spl hair oil for intensive hair treatment. It is the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth.  The hair oil comes with the goodness of pure bhringraj, an important ingredient that rejuvenates the hair.  You can also use an Ayurvedic hair pack to nourish your hair. We recommend the Kesavrudikara Lepanam

Eat a well-balanced meal and nutritious diet

You should always strive to have a balanced meal with lot of green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Having a well-balanced meal is necessary to prevent, dry hair, hair loss, and early graying. There are a lot of healthy hair foods that you can include in your diet and that include, green vegetables, herbs, dates, raisins, nuts and seeds, healthy fats – ghee or oil. You should also take seasonal fruits for keeping your hair healthy, especially citrus fruits so that digestion and immunity can be improved.

Have a regular sleep schedule

Sleep, as you know, is important for the total well-being for our body. When you have improper or irregular sleeping schedules, it can cause disturbance to our body clock. As you sleep, your body repairs tissues and reorganizes your systems. Try finishing your dinner two or three hours before sleep. If you do not get sufficient sleep, it can lead to poor health of hair. Hence, see that you are sleeping on regular time and having sufficient sleep.

Stress Management

Whenever you are under stress, there may be a lot of physical symptoms that you experience– having trouble concentrating, feeling anxious, premature graying, dull-looking, and lifeless appearance of hair. Take some time to rest and relax and practice meditation or relaxing yoga techniques and this will help you keep your stress under control. You can also try massaging your scalp with medicated herbal oils that are good for mental relaxation and also control mood swings.

Here are a few of our Ayurvedic oils and packs that we would like to recommend for healthy hair.

  1. Kesha Shudhi Shampoo
  2. Bringaraju spl hair oil
  3. Kesavrudikara Lepanam
  4. Nimba Tailam
3 Great Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines for Joint Care

3 Great Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines for Joint Care

Joint problems or joint pains were once considered an old-age problem, but not anymore. These days, joint disorders are increasingly becoming common in the youth too. Most joint disorders like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis happens because of the imbalance of Vata Dosha. The gap between the joints is lubricated and when that tends to decrease, stiffness and inflammation occur in joints that is accompanied by pain. A timely therapy and treatment with Ayurveda can help you get relief.

The main goal of ayurvedic treatment for joint pains and joint problems is to find relief in the symptoms like tenderness, pain, swelling, stiffness, etc. that is associated with the problem. It helps and enables the person to perform normal activities and also prevents further complications and also recurrence of the problems.

Here are 3 great benefits of using ayurvedic medicines & treatment for joint pain.

Fewer side effects

In Ayurveda, the therapy or ayurvedic oil for joint pains has no/minimum side effects. It is more natural way of treating pain.

It treats the underlying cause

When Ayurveda is used for pain management, it deals with the overall well being of a person and just not to suppress the symptoms. The focus of the Ayurvedic approach is to target the cause and not just the symptoms of the pain.

Helps in restoring balance

Whether you want to go in for Ayurvedic osteoarthritis treatment or rheumatoid arthritis treatment, Ayurveda always tries to restore the natural balance of the body.  Ayurveda tries to look at the root causes of the disease or the imbalance caused. It looks at the whole person, including the physical, mental and emotional well being of the person. The treatments in Ayurveda may include dietary changes that are specific for the individual. Ayurvedic practices and techniques help in reducing stress and anxiety so that it brings a greater state of harmony to the body.

Few of the advantages of using Ayurvedic oils for joint pain

  • By using ayurvedic oils, you can find relief in managing pain, inflammation and stiffness.
  • Some studies suggest that by having Ayurvedic oils massages helps in getting rid of impurities of the body.
  • Ayurvedic oil massage also improves blood circulation especially in areas where there is more stiffness or pain.
  • There are various studies that claim that ayurvedic oils also promote the self healing of muscles and joints.
  • Ayurvedic oils help in recovery from joint injuries.

Treatment for Joint problems at Andhariki Ayurvedam

At Andhariki Ayurvedam, we have developed high quality ayurvedic products that help relieving problems of joint pain. The medicines and therapy if followed regularly helps in preventing further degeneration.

Here are few ayurvedic oils from Andhariki Ayurvedam

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