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Ayurvedic Remedy For Badhirya Deafness

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Ayurvedic Remedy For Badhirya Deafness – 100% Pure Medicines In Andarikiayurvedam Online

Hearing loss is termed as Badhirya in Ayurvedic science. It is very uncomfortable ailment, disturbing the patient’s daily routine. Previously, Hearing loss was considered as a disease of old age, but now it is entrapping the young and middle age group also .The factors responsible are noise trauma, changing life style, diet alterations and stressful & competitive life.

Ayurveda can help a lot to prevent and control the hearing loss by use of herbs likeAmla, Harar, Pipli , Ashwagandha, Shatawari, Madhuyashthi, Haridra, Giloy etc. Formulations like Sarivadi vati, Amlaki rasayana, Ashwgandha paka, Vardhman pipli, Laxmivilas rasa are very useful. Instillation of medicated oils like Anu taila in to the nostrils (nasya) and Bilwadi taila & sarshap taila in to the ears (karan purna) give very good results.


1. Lukewarm water with few Onion drops in it can be taken as few drops in the ear.

2. A diet rich in Vitamin A, promotes the repair of damaged tissues in the ear and helps in the stimulation of the auditory nerve. Thus diet rich in Vitamin A works as a very beneficial home Remedy-for deafness.

3. 2 drops Sesame oil or Mustard oil in the ear. Insert both index fingers in the ears and breathe in through mouth. Store the air in mouth and gargle with the air so that the cheeks will bulge and contract for 1 to 3 minutes twice a day.

4. Garlic extract is also used to reduce the inflammation in the ear and to also cure & fight infection

5. Eat fresh Pineapple or drink freshly prepared Pineapple juice since it helps to reduce down the inflammation in the ears as well as the canals.

6. Take steam of 2 fist full of Neem leaves, little Turmeric boiled in water to the ear, throat, nose.

7. In teaspoonful of Mustard oil put a single clove of Garlic and roast it. Let it cool a bit. Then take the clove and squeeze it into the ears, so that the squeezed out oil falls directly into the ears.

8. Minimize the intake of caffeine, chocolate and sodium.

9. Shirodhara Therapy is very beneficial.

Yogic Management:

Shodhana Karma :
Sutra Neti, Jala Neti.

Asanas :
Surya Namaskar, Trikonasana, Pacshimottanasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Karnapeedasana, Yoga Mudrasana.

Pranayama :
Anuloma-viloma, Bhramari, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Ujjayi.

Note: The practice of YOGA must be done under the supervision of any YOGA INSTRUCTOR or any other proper guidence.


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